About Fortis Numbers

Fortis Numbers is a next generation accounting firm that embraces the latest in new technology and strategic directions to deliver sound, efficient accountancy services and business advice.

With specialists in fields of taxation, compliance and self-managed superfunds, Fortis Numbers can provide exceptional services and has a keen eye for new opportunities and strategic development in your business.

We love working with business owners. We’ll help you manage your tax obligations (and help makes sense of it all), as well as help your business reach its full potential. We will assist you to structure things and take care of your compliance needs so that your business doesn’t consume your life. After all, if your business isn’t helping you achieve your goals, something needs to change.

The Fortis Group Advantage

As part of the Fortis Group, clients enjoy a depth of experience from skilled professionals. The combined services of Fortis Numbers and Fortis One provides another dimension to the exemplary benefits that our clients already receive from our team.

As a business group, our principles of honesty, equity and a rigorous work ethic reflect in all our dealings with our clients. When working with the Fortis Group, you will always be sure that our team is working in your interest with integrity and passion.

The complimentary nature of the group of companies gives a broad base to our expertise. When working with any part of our business group, a key difference that you will experience is our ability to look outside the immediate issues and provide strategic direction and services to you.